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Model 3600
model 3600

All swingsets are designed to bring your children hours of enjoyment and memories to last a lifetime. Providing customers with products of lasting value is our number one priority.

We strive to be customer friendly, offering free installation and set-up in a 100 mile radius of Quarryville, PA. Style, quality, and customer service are just three of the things that Green Tree Woodworks delivers.

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See why so many people buy their swingsets from Green Tree Woodworks in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. With 25 years of experience, Green Tree Woodworks are known to be great craftsman and offer tremendous value in low priced products.

We offer a complete line of quality swingsets, from cedar stained swingsets, pressure treated swingsets, and painted swingsets. Fun and safety go hand in hand with our wood playsets. 

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model 2100A

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